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Obituary for George Samuel Davidson

George Davidson was born in 1953 Vancouver to Beatrice and Hamish Davidson. He was the younger brother of Kit and Michael. A precocious child, George left home early on a scholarship to finish high school at Atlantic College, Wales. He then spent the better part of his 20’s in London England, where he completed medical school. He landed in Toronto, where he became licensed as a neuropathologist, and met his wife, Joy. The couple moved to London where they had their only son, Benjamin. In the years that followed, George suffered tragically from progressive and unrelenting mental health issues and substance abuse, but also had an enormous and positive effect on those around him. Firstly, he ran a busy clinical practice for a decade in St Catharines, where he treated individuals with mental health illness, addiction, and a variety of other ailments. Those who were under his care recognized his humanity, empathy, and brilliance. Secondly, George loved his son more than anything - teaching him to embrace creativity, cherish learning, strive for the stars, and appreciate the beauty in others. In 2006, George closed his practice and moved back to Vancouver, where he looked after his mother in her last years. George’s last decade of life was a tragedy that defies logic or reason. Joy, Michael, Kit, and countless others loved and helped George, but he suffered a deep pain that no amount of liquor or self-seclusion could cure. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered by those who knew him and those he helped.