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Obituary for Elisabeth Maria Carter (Boppart)

With deep sadness, the family of Elisabeth (Liz) Carter-Boppart announce her passing after a 14-year battle with cancer. She is predeceased by her dad Walter, survived by her husband Gord, mom Elisabeth, siblings Meg Maledy (Simon), Tom (Heather) and Stephen (Diana) Boppart, seven nieces and nephews, three step-children and six grandchildren. Cousins, aunts and uncles in Switzerland, France and New Zealand also mourn her passing.
Liz found her true love and soulmate late in life. She married once, at age 50. Gord didn’t speak many languages, (apart from the choice phrases he learned in the firehall) and had not traveled as extensively as Liz. She showed him the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, the Baltics, Mexico, and the USA. She was an extraordinary travel guide and enjoyed the planning almost as much as the experience.

Gord came with a ready-made family, and a truck! Needless to say, he was embraced by Liz’s close-knit family. In time, Gord’s three, Mark (Miriam), Carson (Denise) and Jessica (Dustin) provided them with six grandchildren in quick succession. Liz loved them, making time for one-on-one adventures. When they were old enough, she taught them to swim and ski.

Liz had an adventurous spirit. After graduating from SFU she was off to Saanen Switzerland to teach at the JF Kennedy school in the Bernese Oberland (Gstaad) and the International School in Lausanne. After seven years, she returned to North Vancouver to teach at Upper Lynn, Westview and Lynnmour Elementary. She poured her soul into her work, and in 1999, experiencing some burnout, received an interesting proposition from a faraway land. Would she consider being the governess to the royal household in Abu Dhabi? Meeting the royal family on their vacation in Spain, she was approved for hire and flew back to Abu Dhabi with them. She resided in a house of her own on the palace grounds and taught the royalty her “Western ways”.

Eventuality Liz returned to teaching in North Van. She retired eight years ago with Gord and worked as a substitute teacher until April. She was looking forward to teaching on call again in September, hoping that an experimental drug would put her cancer into remission.

Liz had a way about her – always positive, caring, encouraging. Generosity and gratefulness were cornerstones of her life. She built people up: gave them confidence, made them feel worthy when they most needed to know it. This she did with her students, colleagues, family and friends. This was her hallmark, her legacy, and it is what people most remember about Liz.

Liz fought cancer with all of her strength and with dignity. She was strong in her faith and shared what she had with those less fortunate. She left us, knowing with certainty that her Papa and the Lord await her. The family thanks Dr. Klimo, Dr. Sasha, Dr. Carolan and numerous health care professionals and others who made up her “Team”, especially her beloved Gord who demonstrated selfless compassion to the end. Many thanks also to friends, the CapChurch and CTR Community, family and prayer groups who, on many occasions, petitioned for healing for Liz. All these efforts were most often effective and always appreciated.

Donations may be made to the Liz and Gord Carter-Boppart Charitable Fund at any VanCity branch in lieu of flowers. This legacy fund will support organizations such as the the Aunt Leah Foundation and those that help the less fortunate in our community.

A Memorial service will be held at Christ the Redeemer Church, West Vancouver on Friday, June 30 at 2:00 p.m. (Co-celebrants: Msgr. Gregory Smith; Pastor Paddy Ducklow, (ret.)